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Support The Ocean Cleanup

What is this movement about? Millions of tons of plastic enter the ocean on a yearly basis, which creates the plastic soup we all know. This plastic pollution is by far the biggest environmental issue of our time.

The Ocean Cleanup strives to turn the pollution of yesterday into the cleanup of tomorrow. By developing advanced technologies they aim to clean up 90% of the floating ocean plastic pollution.

Why do we support this charity? The fashion industry plays a huge part in this plastic pollution. In order to build a more sustainable fashion industry, brands have to take action too.

Our products are made of high quality cotton and with respect for the environment. This way we strive for longevity of your wardrobe and minimize the microplastics that are released. But we want to contribute even more. That's why we support the Ocean Cleanup!

Our sea colors

M0101 - Bleu cobalt M0101 - Bleu cobalt
M0101 - Bleu cobalt
€39 hommes
M0115 - Le Bleu Ciel M0115 - Le Bleu Ciel
M0115 - Le Bleu Ciel
€39 hommes
M0100 -  Le Blanc M0100 -  Le Blanc
M0100 - Le Blanc
€39 hommes
M0104 - Le Royal M0104 - Le Royal
M0104 - Le Royal
€39 hommes

How can you contribute?

Do you want to help fight the plastic soup? The only thing you have to do is buy your favourite boxers, swimshorts, pyjamas, t-shirts or shorties in our webshop and we will donate to The Ocean Cleanup organization.

Clean the plastic soup
How can you contribute?
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