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These are the sizes for your perfect fit. Our Italian sizes might vary to what you're used to and fit a little bit smaller than your custom sizes.


Size (IT) Waist
S 26-28 36-38 72-76
M 30-32 40-42 80-84
L 34-36 44-46 88-92
XL 38-40 48-50 96-100
2XL 42-44 52-54 104-108
3XL 46-48 56-58 112-116


2 Years 4 Years 6 Years 8 Years
92 cm 104 cm 116 cm 128 cm
10 Years 12 Years 14 Years 16 Years
140 cm 152 cm 164 cm 176 cm

Competition rules

  1. Introduction 

These rules establish the general rules regarding the conditions of participation for all contests, actions, and contests organised by McAlson  via its website, other online channels (such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) or in any other way. 

If specific conditions apply to a contest, then additionally a special contest rules will be drawn up for that contest. The provisions of the special contest rules take precedence over any other provisions of these general rules. 

The reference to McAlson in these rules refers to the McAlson brand and the underlying companies Agerti NV.  

  1. Conditions of participation 

2.1. In principle everybody who is 18 years or older at the moment of the contest can participate to a McAlson  contest.  

Minors may only take part in a contest if they have the express permission of both parents or their guardian. If a minor participates in a contest, McAlson  assumes that he/she has the permission of his/her parents/guardian. 

If the minor is unable to produce such consent, he/she may at any time be denied further participation in the contest or be deprived of his/her right to a prize.  

2.2. Any person who is declared a winner of a contest without fully complying with all the conditions of participation automatically loses his/her right to the prize, without any right to compensation and without any recourse.  


  1. Course of the contest 

3.1. In case the contest concerns a knowledge question, the participant is asked to give the correct answer. In case more than one participant gives the correct answer, the winner will be determined either by a tiebreaker question or by lotery. 

3.2. If the contest involves a creative contribution from the participant, such as a photo, drawing (or painting), text or video, the winner or winners will be determined by McAlson  in accordance with the assessment criteria set by McAlson. 

By participating in a contest with creative input, the participant grants McAlson  the permission to publish this creative input, without any compensation being due, and without any limitation in time and space on the (whether or not adapted for mobile use) website(s) of McAlson  and other online channels (such as Facebook, YouTube, ...); 

By participating in a contest with creative input, the participant assures he/she owns all rights over his/her input. McAlson  can under no circumstances be held responsible for an infringement in any way resulting from the unauthorised use of property rights of entries.


  1. Prizes 

4.1. The prize may not be exchanged or converted into cash in any way whatsoever.

4.2. McAlson  may change a price at any time for production or content reasons. 

4.3. If the prize is a gift card, its validity may be limited in time.

If, for any reason, the winner is unable to redeem the gift certificate before its expiry date, he or she may not claim any compensation from McAlson  and/or the organizer. 


  1. Liability of McAlson  

5.1. McAlson  is not responsible for possible damage, physical injury or accidents that might occur as a result of winning a prize and/or participating in a contest.  

5.2. McAlson  is not responsible for the non-delivery of a prize if the participant did not provide sufficient, incomplete or incorrect contact details when participating.  

5.3 McAlson  is not responsible for any defects of the postal and/or courier companies in the delivery of a prize (such as delay, damage, strike or loss). For example, if a prize is sent by registered post or courier and it cannot be delivered to the winner, McAlson  is not responsible if the winner does not collect their prize at a later date. Also if for example the message is lost or damaged in an unacceptable way, McAlson  cannot be held responsible. When delivering a prize that is subject to urgency (such as the right of entry to an event), the participant may be asked to be available at a certain time. In case of unavailability McAlson  may award the prize to another participant without any recourse.  

If the prize is not collected by the winner within the stipulated period or if he or she does not complete the required (confirmation) formalities within the stipulated period, the participant will lose his or her right to the prize and McAlson  may award the prize to another participant without any recourse. 

5.4. Printing, spelling or other errors as well as technical problems (including e.g. e-mail communication) cannot be invoked as grounds for any obligation or liability whatsoever on the part of McAlson . 

5.5. If McAlson  is forced to postpone, shorten or cancel a contest, change the contest rules or adjust the contest formula, McAlson  cannot be held responsible for this in any way. 

5.6. If the course of this race is disturbed by a technical incident, McAlson  shall do everything in its power to neutralise these disturbing effects. McAlson  cannot be held responsible for any damage which may result from these technical incidents. The decision of McAlson  and the result are irrevocable and binding. 

5.7. McAlson  is not liable for any incidents which may arise from the acceptance of the prize by the winner. McAlson  cannot be held responsible or liable for any defect in the prize or if the prize does not meet the expectations created. 

5.8. The exclusion or limitation of liability of McAlson  in this article is without prejudice to the fact that McAlson  shall in all cases be liable for its wilful acts or gross negligence or that of its employees or agents or for the non-performance of its main obligations under the contest.

  1. Personal data

6.1. The personal data of the participants are processed by McAlson (Agerti NV). This data is subject to the application of the law of 30 July 2018 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and all Belgian regulations implementing the GDPR.

The policy of McAlson (Agerti NV) regarding these personal data can be consulted under the section 'privacy' as mentioned on the website of McAlson . 

6.2. By participating, participants agree that if they win a prize they may appear with their photo, name and place of residence on the website and other online channels (such as YouTube, Facebook, ...), as well as the website. 


  1. Supervision of the contest and decisions 

7.1. McAlson will supervise the proper conduct of the contest. If all the conditions of the rules are not met or in the event of any abuse, deception, fraud or bad faith, McAlson reserves the right to exclude the participant in question from the contest and also to exclude him - permanently or otherwise - from other McAlson contests. 

McAlson also reserves the right to demand the return of any prizes already paid out and to claim compensation for any damage suffered by McAlson (including damage to its image). 

7.2. The result of a contest is binding and irrevocable. It cannot be contested. No correspondence (by letter, e-mail or phone) about the result or the course of a contest may be entered into with McAlson or the contest organizer. Decisions regarding the determination of winners are final. 


  1. Co-organisers 

If a contest is organised together with one or more parties, the provisions of these rules which refer to McAlson should be read as referring to both McAlson and the co-organiser(s). 


  1. The Rules

9.1. By participating in McAlson's contests, the participant fully accepts these rules and all decisions which McAlson will make in connection with the contest. Any additional communications in connection with the contest shall be deemed to be a point of rules. 

9.2. If required, McAlson may amend these general contest rules at any time. These rules will be published on McAlson's website and can be printed there if required.

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